Life Coach for kids and teens

“Mum when I grow up, I’m going to have 25 kids!” 

I said this when I was about 7 years old headed to the basement to play with my chalkboard and empty classroom. I’ve always been drawn to lots of energy, imaginary or real.

Out of all my professional and personal experiences that have connected me to thousands of children, my most precious stories come from being a Life Coach during a child’s pivotal developmental moment.

Story of a young boy: A tired mom of three contacted me to see if I’d work with her son who had ADHD & diabetes. She had no specific outcome in mind but she knew I would have some tools to help him through his last year of middle school. He was a sweet, athletic boy who had very little ability to sit still. He had never experienced any sense of quiet in himself. Can you imagine living and believing that you could NEVER be still? That your body would forever and always move, twitch & tap and there was nothing you could do about it?

So as I worked with the boy, we looked at his dosha, what he ate, his thoughts, his dreams and then he became practiced at visualizing on his own. He could imagine an anchor grounding him and his active energy dumping into a funnel into the center of the earth. And as he watched all this with his mind’s eye, he would settle.

One day, out on the lawn, as he was practicing this meditation technique and mindful breathing, and then he opened his eyes and said: “Kamla, I have NEVER sat still. And today I did it for 5 minutes.”

Helping to change the limiting beliefs, squashing fears and teaching new practices are my greatest offerings as a Coach. Having a child reclaim his easy-flowing natural self is the biggest gift you and I can give to your child.

Imagine even where YOU would be if you had stayed connected to your heart and soul. Society says that kids have to be in sports, they have to have a high GPA, they must look and act a certain way and jump through all these hoops.

But how does your family cope with a sensitive boy, a leader girl, an artsy creative child who needs to do pages and pages of math? What tools are you providing them to be on their own, centered, loving their thoughts and their bodies all the while performing for school and society?

Here is some more information on how I can help your child.

And moms, dads, caregivers….are you supporting your self in your family’s journey?

Coaching is such a big help. Email me with your questions.