Hidden resting places are offered to us all day long. Take notice. And then, rest.
A rose from my garden to you.
(Morning dew beauty, California)

You’ll notice from my photos, I love exploring different paths on foot with my camera. Sometimes I don’t really know where I’m headed but I trust the journey no matter if I’m headed towards smiling forest monks In Thailand, powerful canyons in Hawaii or Utah or even quite simply, sweet quiet places in my backyard.

I’m grateful for all my practices that have led me to listen to my heart… that my heart chose all of these places to nourish and guide me to the next.

If you are being led through life by some way other than your truest feelings towards your life (maybe family expectations, academic necessities, peer pressure, money) let yourself be coached into having more flow and ease with your day to day.

With life coaching, you tiptoe in the direction of heart-centered contentment and huge possibilities. With yoga, you open up the body with the flow of the breath. With Mindful Movement, you move grounded in your feet and soaring with the music. There’s so much here for you to explore!

All of the answers you need for your best life are within you. They have been there for a very long time. Dare to dream of what could be on your path and let’s explore together.

I hold this space for you with so much compassion and lots of big smiles!