About Kamla

In Full Bloom

Kamla (pronounced “come” – la) means “Water Lotus”. This is a flower that grows up and out of the murkiest muddy water to bloom in full sunlight. The lotus’s journey parallels everyone’s unfolding, from the dark periods to the sunnier ones. My mum did well naming me because the water lotus is the international symbol for yoga!

My Invitation to You

Explore my website. If my words, intentions and photos resonate with you, then we are truly meant to work together. We will dive into your limiting thoughts and fears, clarify your dreams and take steps to make them your reality. It’s all personalized to you, for you and about you.

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My Life’s Journey  a_journey_san_francisco

My newlywed dreamy visions led me to move 3000 miles away from my home in Canada to San Francisco, a magnificent city I had only briefly visited once before. I had two suitcases, a University degree and a pile of hope.

My first American job was teaching Berkeley boys to pass the high school reading exit exam. The problem: they couldn’t read AND they were in 11th grade.  This experience evolved into how committed, fearless and magical I could be with them.

I started taking a hard look at what I wanted to accomplish here in the States and I earned my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. I was the youngest hire in Alameda County for High School Vice Principal. I was 25 years old. Because of huge budget cuts, the responsibilities for being Principal to the Class of ’99 included everything: I was their emotional, educational, developmental, career and family coach.

It was also during this period, every hard experience and negative emotion that I had buried away inside myself bubbled to the surface. Imbalance. Exhaustion. Illness…which finally had me crawling to a yoga class. That one yoga class changed my life.

After years of taking every type of heart-mind-body connecting classes throughout the Berkeley/San Francisco area, I started hearing the same message year after year: “Buy the Yoga Center”. But I continued on in schools, adopted two kids from India, went through the pain of unexpectedly having my dad die, and THEN, I bought the yoga studio.

About Kamla Sufi Life Coach, Life Coach Training | Spiritual Life Coaching | Walnut Creek, CA California 94595
Practice watching and feeling your thoughts. The ones that resonate with your heart are worth much more attention. Let’s explore all that magic!

I took this failing studio’s business into my hands, poured my heart, soul and sweat into it and thankfully, over the next four years, I won three marketing awards for my writing and two community choice awards (for having the most incredibly talented teachers). And in those years, my yoga family was born.

I was also an entrepreneur continually digging through business processes, marketing, writing, exploring new venues to help people have a better day, offering classes to help people live more completely, and all the while I was assisting teachers to heighten their own careers.

And I told you eh? I had two children under the age of 5, two aging dogs and I was holding my own in divorce mediation/court and rebuilding my life as a single woman.

I sold The Center in March 2012 and completed a formal training with Dr. Martha Beck, monthly columnist for O Magazine and prolific author. She holds a few PhDs from Harvard. She has years of expertise/practicum, common sense and the research behind her techniques is quantitative. And too, I love that Martha found creative and unique tools that help people find their own personal magic.

All different lotuses shining in full light after their big journey to the surface.
Reach for your brightest biggest self. (Mother’s Day, walking the Oakland Arboretum, CA)

I too have tapped into creating more magic  by studying Conscious Dance. These teachers shifted and changed my life, again. But that’s another story we can share when we meet.

So,  you know me now. I’d love to meet you, learn about your dreams and explore all the possibilities this Life could offer you. If you just slid a little out of the way and trusted, those dreams will easily glide into the picture. You’ll trust the journey with all its twists and turns. That’s why I shared my story.

Lets begin your Life Coaching journey!