Life Coaching

How does Life Coaching work?

As your Coach, I have tools to help you:

  • Clarify where you are stuck.
  • Guide you to being physically and emotionally healthier.
  • Reconnect you to your life.
  • Find your purpose and how to live it every day.
  • Help you feel more fulfilled.
  • Have you smiling more often.

How do I start?

Click here to email me. I will call you to chat. We work in sessions of three. You can pay via check/cash if you are coming to my office or a Paypal/Zelle if you will be coached remotely.

Here are personal insights from my clients.

What types of “results” will I get?

Your coaching journey is about becoming more aware. You will experience:Holistic Life Coaching, Family Coaching Services | What Is A Life Coach, Walnut Creek, CA

  • having more energy,
  • finding clarity in your actions,
  • an ease to deal with others,
  • enjoying happier times in their life,
  • experiencing deeper appreciation for your life experiences (the good and the challenging ones).

I’m in therapy. Can I combine both?

Though we will touch on emotional issues and places from your past where you may be stuck, coaching focusses on the present and the future. This is why many counselors agree that their patients can be coached while being in therapy. Check with yours. I work in tandem with many healthcare professionals, from nutritionists to psychotherapists.

Click here to email me. I look forward to connecting with you.