Kind Words

…from spontaneous texts and emails:

“I feel AMAZING today!!! I could feel my plantar’s starting to act up on my right foot, woke up this morning….GONE!! TY! I always sleep so well on yoga days too.”  Susan, physically fit busy nurse, mom of 2, 40ish, new to yoga

” I really recognise the power of last week’s coaching for me on a healing level and also how fantastic an opportunity it is for me to experience this. I am truly grateful for both things. Thanks Kamla for your thoughtfulness.” Catherine, 40ish, Zurich, Switzerland

“Dear Coach Kamla, I don’t know how to thank you for leading me on such a journey as you did today. You are a blessing that I am ever grateful for. I will continue the life exercise…writing feels so amazing.” Lisa, 45ish, exploring possibilities, Lancaster, Pennsylvania


“As a life coach myself, I am aware of the nuances necessary for a trusting client relationship. Kamla provides a warm attentive atmosphere to her coaching sessions. She is intuitive to my needs and asks questions in a way that opens me to understanding more about myself. Kamla is a professional and at the end of my sessions, I always know I’ve made the right choice in sharing and coming to that new understanding.” Shawn, 50ish, DMD, PhD, Victoria, Canada

…about others:

Martha Beck ~ When I went to Oprah’s O You! in LA, all her Experts were there. The only one I truly resonated with was Martha. I had already read her coaching books. But wow! As she talked with one woman after the next from this massive group, helping them weave through their murky stories to some bit a clarity, it was inspiring. I wish I had had her tools years ago. (I’m not sure how far people get in their lives using Dr. Phil’s ways. I didn’t enjoy or learn anything from him that day, and personally, I don’t appreciate know-it all bullying communicators.)  Martha is Harvard educated, a mom, compassionate about creating good change in the world, and really funny-sarcastic!

Julia Cameron ~ I hosted a group share around her book  The Prosperous Heart (though her first epic book is The Artist’s Way) which allowed a group of us to discuss the taboo topic of money. It is a great read to see what you believe, how to treat yourself and money.

Deepak Chopra ~ All I have to do is listen to this man’s voice, and I’m transported by his rich English/Indian accent. So when I had the pleasure of listening to him explain CONSCIOUSNESS to us lay people in a small church in Berkeley, I so appreciated too what a fantastic teacher he is. The Chopra Center in Carlsbad is magnificently simple and a very grounding space. I learned about Ayurveda and the Doshas one on one from his associate, the equally amazing Dr. David Simon. (As I sat cross-legged in his office, we talked about grocery shopping with our children…how neither us accepted that M&M’s count as multi-color food. lol!) Sadly, Dr. Simon died of a brain tumor. Two amazing men!

Sark ~ Who?!! If you are creative & fun, you will love her books. Just grab one. In my darkest times, her personal story, her quirky and authentic way of creating just added light to my heart.

Shubhra Krishan’s book Essential Ayurveda is simple, easy and a good mix of her personal stories. Though, I had already dived into Dr. Vasant Lad’s teachings (the Ayurveda expert in the U.S.), this book has easy concrete ways of bringing Ayurveda to day to day living.