Life Coach for kids and teens

Life Coach for Children and Teens

After making it up three of these platforms, now he’s reading the sign: “Please do not climb” lol! This seems like a typical kid thing to do. Photographed at The Oakland Zoo, California



This is not the world we grew up in.

Many parents are at a loss as to how to help their children with the stress of growing up. Our schools and neighborhoods are ever changing.

It is exhausting for adult caregivers to teach their children how to adapt, how to make smart choices and how to soar. Sadly, some parents just know they are not delivering guidance clearly or even accurately to their kids.

I provide you and your child with useful tools to use today. With children and teens:

  • I teach children to reconnect with the inner self, their wisest voice. This is the voice they know they should listen to, but sometimes choose not to.
  • I help kids unfold their precious dreams and move them steadily forward, away from fear.
  • I teach them relaxation and focussing skills.
  • I help teens/young adults believe in themselves (in their inherent capacities and capabilities).
  • I help make transitions easier (whether from school to school, childhood to maturity, house to house (divorce situations), old friends to new ones).

And, too, I coach you through your parenting choices. More than likely: 1. You are raising your child the way that you were raised or 2. You’ve chosen a very different path that is unknown to you. But are your parenting techniques connecting you with your child in the simplest most loving, productive and helpful way?

If you need help, contact me for family coaching.

Life Coach For Teenagers, Life Coaching For Kids | Kamla Sufi Life Coach For Young Adults - Walnut Creek, CA
You may not be able to “see” this picture.
But kids always do.
They see the elephant’s hairy head that I’m sitting on.
(Jungles of Thailand)

Why coaching and not counseling?

I work with healthy kids who need to dissolve the mental blocks (fear) that keep them from living (or even dreaming) their biggest life.

Colorful children/teen activities that I incorporate: Yoga, guided meditation, dance, collaging, vision boards painting, music, dance, breathing, visualizations, journaling and mantra creations.

I also teach the necessities: time management, organizational skills, goal setting, evaluating priorities, social skills, self-awareness and connecting to the family.

I coach children in person and from around the world via Skype.

How can coaching help my child prepare for their future?

I have fifteen years as a teacher and school administrator throughout California with an in-depth professional view of every grade level from 6th to Senior year.

I have fifteen more years of teaching heart-mind-body tools which helps children and families find their intuitive side together.

I coach the whole child, the whole family and especially you Mom. I am a mother too.

This is the outline for the coaching program which unfolds over three months:

  • a half hour call with the primary parent.
  • an hour coaching with both parent and child.
  • 3 one hour coaching sessions with your child.
  • 3 sessions of 90 minutes with parent.
  • email follow-up after all coaching sessions.
Email me and lets start with a  30 minute free session with the legal guardian of the child.