Being securely supported by the ground can truly give you the sense of freedom.

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Me, in a moment of being one of the few people at Machu Pichu at sunset, being held by the peaks and valleys of this Mayan wonder, in my most favorite pose, Triangle.

I was born and raised in eastern Canada. My childhood was based on the teachings of our East Indian heritage: yoga (the body’s practice), Ayurveda (inner health), Meditation (the mind’s exercise), Pranayam (connecting with the breath) and being a contributing member of a Sangha (community).¬†From age nine until my late teens, I also studied Indian music and sang around the world.

It was in California that I found the daily formal physical practice of Iyengar style yoga.

You can see from my photos that I have traveled the world with a yoga mat under my arm and with the absolute clarity of being playful, alive and free.

I lovingly guide women through an hour’s practice. My yoga classes encourage you to create expansive heart space and to realign with your inner brilliance. This is all part of my heritage and what I have been living my whole life, off and on the mat.